Who We Are
We are dedicated to manufacturing premium health supplements that promote health, wellness and vitality. Each and every Natural Answers supplement represents our commitment to quality and innovation. Every product is manufactured in the UK and subject to stringent standards checks. We provide our customers with the highest quality vitamins, minerals, botanicals and natural food extracts available as we help them to reach their health and wellness goals.

Living in a world of modern diets comprising of sub-par food, lack of available soil nutrients and increasing use of over-processing in food production; receiving proper and necessary nutrition is growing harder to manage.
Fortunately, Natural Answers tremendous line of products comprise of essential vitamins and other natural compounds that can often make up the difference.

Our formulas, uniquely blended products and complexes are bottled in certified facilities to ensure they are the purest quality and meet our consistently high standards for complete quality assurance. Every product in our range has been scientifically formulated to compete among the elite tier of supplement products available on the market.

Our Product
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100% Natural

Our supplements are proudly used by a wide number of health-conscious customers to enhance and support total body health: healthy hair skin and nails, detoxification and liver support, antioxidants, amino acids, multi-vitamins, immune health, women’s health, diet and weight management, urinary health, men’s health, inflammatory balance, sleep and mood support, sports nutrition and healthy ageing.

Where It Comes From
We have a moral and ethical responsibility to our employees to meet a minimum code of conduct regarding human rights.
Plant Based
Powered by plants our herbal extracts and blends are derived from only the best natural botanicals.
Made in the UK
All of our products are manufactured and bottled in the UK and every product that we sell must meet our strict quality assurance checks.
All Natural
A safe and natural way of supplementing your daily essential vitamins, minerals and natural compounds intake.
When you spend £20 or more online.
Made in the UK
Manufactured to GMP standards.
Customer Service
Helpful support & advice from our friendly team.
100% Natural
Formulated using safe & natural ingredients.